Easy Ink Blending – Ink on 3

Hey everyone! Today, I’m creating a really simple card, mainly because I didn’t feel like coloring but wanted to use some images. The technique I fall back on is just heat embossing and then inking up the entire image in one color. Check it out in the video below!

All my supplies for creating this card will be listed down below (with multiple sources when available) for your curiosity and convenience. Affiliate links used when possible.

And here’s a short clip:


Ink on 3 – Love Birds
–Io3: https://bit.ly/3Fy1H0k
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/3bkb8
Ink on 3 – Juicy Clear Embossing & Watermark Ink
–Io3: http://bit.ly/31iUe1c
–EH: https://bit.ly/3jnV0TJ
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgkw
Ink on 3 – Artic White
–Io3: http://bit.ly/2X089tI
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2rqd2
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2hblu
Ink on 3 – Marilyn Red Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: http://bit.ly/2QvloPx
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl2
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhcm
Ink on 3 – Sweet Petunia Pink Ink Pad
–Io3: https://bit.ly/3lWdlrB
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2lhc6
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhca
Ink on 3 – Marigold Orange Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: http://bit.ly/2t30DRX
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl3
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhcd
Ink on 3 – Bee Sting Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: http://bit.ly/2GpXXRA
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl4
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhcn
Ink on 3 – Goddess Green Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: http://bit.ly/3aXAZzk
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl5
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhch
Ink on 3 – Trinity Teal Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: https://bit.ly/3m2BPzc
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2lhc4
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhc2
Ink on 3 – Peacock Blue Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: http://bit.ly/2O6cIgF
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl6
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhcb
Ink on 3 – My Jam Purple Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: http://bit.ly/2SwsPFB
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl7
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhcj
Ink on 3 – Twiggy Brown Ink Pad
–Io3: https://bit.ly/2XmlNqe
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2f14b
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhcq
Ink on 3 – Leafy Forest
–Io3: https://bit.ly/3excnPK
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lba5
Ink on 3 – Blackout Hybrid Ink
–Io3: http://bit.ly/2YAStuf
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2slln
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2slll
Tonic Glass Media Mat
–EH: https://bit.ly/2BNaJdM
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2hblv
–S.com: http://shrsl.com/1epat
Misti – New & Improved
–EH: https://bit.ly/33obq9e
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2hbl4
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2id1t
–S.com: https://shrsl.com/2f3so
Tonic Comfort 8.5 Inch Guillotine Paper Trimmer
–EH: https://bit.ly/38amB5M
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2hbly
–S.com: http://shrsl.com/1epay

Some products are provided by manufacturers for review and use. Affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.

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