Easy Skies | Honey Bee Stamps

Once I learned this little trick, it’s my go to when I need to create quick skies. It’s actually so easy but looks all fancy, don’t you think?

All my supplies for creating this card will be listed down below (with multiple sources when available) for your curiosity and convenience. Affiliate links used when possible. 


Honey Bee Stamps – Spring Cottage Village Dies
  —HBS: https://shrsl.com/3zge0
  —SSS: https://shrsl.com/3zge6
  —EH: http://bit.ly/3JTV7pg
  —Scom: https://shrsl.com/3zgeb
Honey Bee Stamps – No Place Like Home Stamps
  —HBS: https://shrsl.com/3zge2
  —SSS: https://shrsl.com/3zge8
  —EH: http://bit.ly/3n2wvSl
  —Scom: https://shrsl.com/3zgec
Honey Bee Stamps – No Place Like Home Dies
  —HBS: https://shrsl.com/3zge4
  —SSS: https://shrsl.com/3zge7
  —EH: http://bit.ly/3TubVX6
  —Scom: https://shrsl.com/3zged
Honey Bee Stamps – Cottage Countryside Dies
  —HBS: https://shrsl.com/3zge1
  —SSS: https://shrsl.com/3zge5
  —EH: http://bit.ly/400bTc0
  —Scom: https://shrsl.com/3zgea
Honey Bee Stamps – Intense Black Ink 
  —HBS: https://shrsl.com/3d6oe&nbsp;
  —SSS: https://shrsl.com/3d6or&nbsp;
  —EH: https://bit.ly/3ISeI65&nbsp;
  —Scom: https://shrsl.com/3jwwt&nbsp;
Mini Distress Ink – Mowed Lawn
  –EH: https://bit.ly/2YJuprP &nbsp;
  –SSS: https://shrsl.com/3beto&nbsp;
  –S.com: http://shrsl.com/1eplp
Mini Distress Ink – Salty Ocean
  –EH: https://bit.ly/2BXPMwA&nbsp;
  –SSS: https://shrsl.com/3aiim&nbsp;
  –S.com: http://shrsl.com/1epm7

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