A Mix of Techniques | Trinity Stamps

Some cards just need a lot of steps. This is one of them but trust me, it really comes together quite easily. My hardest choice here was just the color choices for the palette. I definitely love how this turned out and it’s perfect for Thanksgiving and the fall.



Trinity Stamps – Thankful and Grateful Stamp
—TS: https://shrsl.com/3pujl
—SSS: https://shrsl.com/3pujo
—EH: https://bit.ly/3BMmZGy
—Scom: https://shrsl.com/3pujq
Trinity Stamps – Thankful and Grateful Die
—TS: https://shrsl.com/3pujm
—SSS: https://shrsl.com/3pujp
—EH: https://bit.ly/3r3H1rh
—Scom: https://shrsl.com/3pujr
Trinity Stamps – Vintage Tin Tile Hot Foil
—TS: https://shrsl.com/3pujn
—SSS: https://shrsl.com/3pujt
—EH: https://bit.ly/3fiNGLG
—Scom: https://shrsl.com/3puju
Mini Distress Ink – Aged Mahogany
  –EH: https://bit.ly/3wjBU9s (Full)
  –SSS: https://shrsl.com/3o0re&nbsp;
  –S.com: http://shrsl.com/1epn8
Mini Distress Ink – Fired Brick
  –EH: https://bit.ly/2VRB7tS&nbsp;
  –SSS: https://shrsl.com/2nxvg&nbsp;
  –S.com: http://shrsl.com/1epni
Mini Distress Ink – Ripe Persimmon
  –EH: https://bit.ly/3pzPuSd (Full)
  –SSS: https://shrsl.com/3o0rf&nbsp;
  –S.com: http://shrsl.com/1eplb
Mini Distress Ink – Carved Pumpkin
  –EH: https://bit.ly/38vqkL8&nbsp;
  –SSS: https://shrsl.com/3ej44&nbsp;
  –S.com: http://shrsl.com/1epl4&nbsp;
Trinity Stamps – Port Wine Embellishment Mix
—TS: https://shrsl.com/3pujv
—SSS: https://shrsl.com/3pujx
—EH: https://bit.ly/3BJ25Z1
PInkfresh Studio Mini Ink – Berrylicious (Heartbeat Dye)
—EH: https://bit.ly/3avfvhG
—SSS: https://shrsl.com/3o0rh
Ink on 3 – Fadeout Ink
  –Io3: http://bit.ly/2RulfMP&nbsp;
  –EH: https://bit.ly/2ZAIEP9&nbsp;
  –TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl0

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