Rainbow Coloring | MFT Stamps

I don’t love every single card I make but that’s ok! Trying new things is always fun. I liked the coloring I did but I didn’t end up loving the final look because the dino placement wasn’t my favorite.

All my supplies for creating this card will be listed down below (with multiple sources when available) for your curiosity and convenience. Affiliate links used when possible.


My Favorite Things Stamp – You’re ExROARdinary Stamp
—MFT: https://shrsl.com/3kfl5
—SSS: https://shrsl.com/3kfl9
—EH: https://bit.ly/3OcnGhg
My Favorite Things Stamp – Big Birthday Wishes
—MFT: https://shrsl.com/3kfl8
—SSS: https://shrsl.com/3kflb
Scrapbook.com Playful Patterned Cardstock Paper Pad
—Scom: https://shrsl.com/3kebl
Copic Sketch – RV04
  –Blick: http://shrsl.com/1ahqq 
  –EH: https://bit.ly/3geLSP5  
Copic Sketch – YG03
  –Blick: http://shrsl.com/1ah3d 
  –EH: https://bit.ly/3jKXmw0 
Copic Sketch – YR04
  — Blick: http://shrsl.com/1gf7g 
  –EH: https://bit.ly/3h2fTlD
Copic Sketch – V04
  –Blick: https://shrsl.com/2e38e 
  –EH: https://bit.ly/39lMfVT
Copic Sketch – B04
  –Blick: http://shrsl.com/1epro 
  –EH: https://bit.ly/2Vv9ZRz
Copic Sketch – Y08
  –Spal: https://shrsl.com/2vqaw 
  –Blick: http://shrsl.com/1gsj2 
  –EH: https://bit.ly/32elgKf
Copic Sketch – BG45
  –Blick: https://shrsl.com/3kfl1 
  –EH: https://bit.ly/3zDbGRM

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