3 Easy Die Cut Designs

Hi everyone! Ok, I’ve been really bad with keeping up with doing blog posts but I’m trying to get back into it.

Today, I’m really excited to be a guest designer for i-crafter today. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share my creations with you! For today’s blog post, I actually ended up creating three different cards showing off three different designs using the dies from the Box Pops, Flower Add On set. The possibilities are really endless! 

YouTube process video; supply list used for this proect is listed at end of blog.

For my first card, I used the leafy die, which was so perfect for a simple frame design. I quickly used watercolors for the background and added some splatter. While die cutting the leafy die, I also took the interior bits and ink blended them with similar colors and did some die inlay. 

To finish off this card, I used the “hello” sentiment from the Hello Flower die set in black. The leafy die cuts really make that sentiment pop! 

For my second card, I thought I would use this really pretty, intricate floral die to create a circular design. Once I die cut 8 of these florals, I inked them up quickly. For the sentiment, I used the sentiment from the Happy Birthday Wiper Insert and inked them up using the same colors for the florals while creating an ombre effect. 

To really have the florals pop, I put them up on kraft cardstock and thought they colors went so well together. The coordinating sentiment really tied together the entire card. 

For my third card, I decided to use a slimline design and again only used one die for this particular card. 

I took some watercolors and quickly created a rainbow background and placed each die cut in each color section. 

This is one of those designs that can be quickly created for a simple and elegant card. To finish off this card, I used the smaller hello in the Flip Card Dashed Circle die set and actually used a gold pen to give it a bit of elegance. 

I really loved how all these cards turned and hopefully, these examples gave you some ideas for the endless possibilities of this Box Pops, Flower Add On die set. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a crafty day! 

Box Pops, Flower Add On
–i-crafter: http://bit.ly/3r8PIPz
Hello Flower
–i-crafter: http://bit.ly/381CT1N
Happy Birthday Wiper Insert
— i-crafter: https://bit.ly/3rbUFqE
— SSS: https://shrsl.com/2tmpg
Flip Card Dashed Circle
–i-crafter: http://bit.ly/2OeV0dy
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2tmpi
Scrapbook.com – Double Sided Adhesive (6 Inches x 81 feet)
–S.com: https://shrsl.com/2tr93
Ink on 3 – Goddess Green Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: http://bit.ly/3aXAZzk
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl5
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhch
Ink on 3 – Marilyn Red Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: http://bit.ly/2QvloPx
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl2
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhcm
Ink on 3 – Sweet Petunia Pink Ink Pad
–Io3: https://bit.ly/3lWdlrB
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2lhc6
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhca
Ink on 3 – Bee Sting Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: http://bit.ly/2GpXXRA
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl4
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhcn
Ink on 3 – Goddess Green Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: http://bit.ly/3aXAZzk
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2cgl5
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhch
Ink on 3 – Trinity Teal Atelier Ink Pad
–Io3: https://bit.ly/3m2BPzc
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2lhc4
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2lhc2
Ink on 3 – Marilyn Red Re-Inker
–Io3: http://bit.ly/2RhIKbs
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2e68e
Ink on 3 – Marigold Orange Re-Inker
–Io3: http://bit.ly/3ax25gx
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2e68j
Ink on 3 – Bee Sting Yellow Re-Inker
–Io3: http://bit.ly/30LDdNr
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2e68k
Ink on 3 – Goddess Green Re-Inker
–Io3: https://bit.ly/2VIvihG
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2e68l
Ink on 3 – Trinity Teal Re-Inker
–Io3: http://bit.ly/3dACLYQ
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2tr8s
Ink on 3 – Peacock Blue Re-Inker
–Io3: https://bit.ly/3eHdgUt
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2e68o
Ink on 3 – My Jam Purple Re-Inker
–Io3: https://bit.ly/2WGQgit
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2e68q
Ink on 3 – Sweet Petunia Pink Re-Inker
–Io3: http://bit.ly/358pAus
–TS: https://shrsl.com/2tr8m
Ranger Round Ink Blending Tool
–EH: https://bit.ly/2NEnfPh
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2ph07
–S.com: https://shrsl.com/2nh8v
Domed Foam Applicator
–S.com: https://shrsl.com/2grxs
Tonic Glass Media Mat
–EH: https://bit.ly/2BNaJdM
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2hblv
–S.com: http://shrsl.com/1epat
Gemini Jr.
–EH: https://bit.ly/2ZjsI3y
–SSS: https://shrsl.com/2hbm4

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